KachKlub Vision

The KachKlub Mission

The KachKlub Mission

The KachKlub Vision is to find unique and profitable network marketing (MLM) opportunities, either in pre-launch or within their first six months. We expect to find, at most, three such opportunities a year to offer to our subscribers, with an analysis of the risks and benefits.

Start-up Risk v Benefit

Start-up ventures have a higher risk of failure than established businesses with a proven track record, of four or more years. Less than 10% of people succeed in MLM regardless of the success of the company. Given the high failure rate of start-up s and MLM participants you may consider us mad for recommending opportunities that combine the two.

The benefits that will lead us to recommend any such opportunity are:

  • Fewer people will be participating or have participated, giving you a greater pool of potential customers and affiliates.
  • A unique product / service avoids competition from other MLMs
  • A unique pay plan / training structure will attract other network marketers

KachKlub will provide its own generic training and opportunity specific training where applicable to help our subscribers be successful.

Tell Us about Your Unique Opportunity

For us to consider an opportunity unique:

  • It must be the first time the type of product or service is available via MLM to the chosen market place;
  • Or the pay plan and support structure must be innovative, fundamentally different from anything we have seen before and force sponsors to support those in their team;
  • And must be available to UK residents.

You are welcome to post a comment below telling us about your Unique Opportunity. Please state in English:

  • Name of the opportunity;
  • Reason why it is unique Product/Service or Pay Plan;
  • Product / service offered;
  • Outline pay plan details;
  • url where we can find more information. We will not click on shortened or cloaked urls; please provide the full url.

Please note if you are claiming your

  • Product / service is unique; we will not consider any of the following; advertising; beauty products; dietary products; health products; training; travel; utilities.
  • Pay plan is unique; we will not consider variations on old themes or anything promoted primarily as a passive income opportunity.

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