KachKlub is the website of entrepreneur and author Russell Chapman

KachKlub is the website of entrepreneur and author Russell Chapman

KachKlub is the website of entrepreneur and author Russell Chapman, whose business interests are primarily, but not exclusively, online and network marketing opportunities.

This site aims to bring you insights into online and network marketing in addition to sharing specific market sector information.

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KachKlub’s Market Sectors

The main market sectors that KachKlub operates in are

  • Bitcoin (digital currencies)
  • Lotteries (One FREE Ticket availble for Friday 13th November Euro Millions Draw CLICK TO CLAIM)
  • Telecoms and Utilities (UK Only)
  • Travel

Russell’s Bio

Following a successful career in finance and accounting, including at director level, Russell jumped off the daily employment treadmill. During the past twenty past twenty years, he has worked in direct sales, marketing and network marketing. He built and sold various businesses including ismMagic a social networking and blog site for online and network marketers.

Network and Online Marketer

Russell tried several network marketing (MLM) business opportunities and avoided many others. In hindsight, some of those he tried had fundamental flaws in their structure, pay plans, marketing or training. One MLM organisation, now a FTSE100 company, pays him every month for work he did over ten years ago.

Helping Others

During his self-employed period, Russell has gained many valuable insights and extensive experience, which he now uses to help others. He along with his business partner Peter Kassner can provide extensive training for both online and offline network marketing. They have worked together over the last ten plus years and recently set up KaCh Enterprises, which will deliver a network marketing opportunity and a range of associated services.


In addition to his online and network marketing activities Russell has published two fantasy novels

  • Roads of Destiny – First Chronicle of Gaia
  • Dark Cornwall

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